„That’s life: you’re born, you die and the time between is filled with stomach ache. Life is one long stomach ache, it never ends: when you’re fifteen, it’s because you’re in love, when you’re 25 its because you fear the future, when your 35 it’s down to drink, at 45 work is eating you up, at 55 it’s because you’re no longer in love, at 65 you fear your past, and when you hit 75 it’s the cancer that is causing your pain…” according to Beigbeder. And Bazon Brocks doesn’t really help when he claims death should be abolished, this scandal needs to stop!

I’ve been working together with Mirjam Quinte for what feels like a lifetime. We founded the Medienwerkstatt together and later quinte filmproduktion. We shot punk films and squatter films together (Pass bloss auf – Watch Out), travelled strange continents (Phoolan Devi, India) and filmed in a war zone (Off Season). We produced films about labourers (Workingman’s Death) and prostitutes (Whore’s Glory) and we came to terms with German history (Joschka and Mr. Fischer). And if no unforeseeable obstacles get in our way, we will continue collaborating until that ominous scandal Bazon Brocks wishes to eliminate catches up with us - death.