Lothar Quinte – 40 Years of Painting. A portrait.

BRD 1983, 30 min

Lothar Quinte

About the film

A picture in the making provides the centrepiece of this film. The artist refers to it time again, working at it throughout - from the bare canvas to the last brushstroke – whilst divulging 40 years of artistic endeavours. Lothar Quinte speaks of his first abstract aspirations and puts them in the art historical context of 1950s society. He describes various phases in his work and speaks openly of various crises and his search for a new approach.

Old film footage and photographs illustrate his story. Sedate pacing and observational shots of Quinte’s studio allow us to soak up the atmosphere and engage with his artistic methods.

A Film by:
Miriam Quinte
Pepe Danquart