Old Indians Never Die

Roadmovie, 1996, 60 Min., Super-16mm

About the film

They’re still out there, those who connect motorcycle maintenance with Zen. They congregate at the ‘Route 66’ petrol station just over the Glienicker Bridge in Potsdam (near Berlin). They’re obsessive and crazy and part of a worldwide network. Christian Timmerman has dedicated his entire life to the cult of Harley Davidson predecessor; the Indian. Favoured by American cops in the 20s and 30s the Indian lives on in the hearts of these Bikers, art freaks and Rowdies. They meet up in Scotland and ride across the Highlands, share fantastical stories and listen to outlandish music. And they repair whatever it is that needs repairing.

When the film was over I felt as if I had shared with them one of the last possible European adventures. The film acquired cult status, just like the bike it portrays.

Cast and Crew

Pepe Danquart
Ciro Cappellari
Sound technician:
André Pinkus
Pepe Danquart
Production company:
Blueberry Films Berlin, Skyline Production Edinburgh
Peter Rommel, Lesly Hills, supported by the BBC, Sky Channel, ZDF, ORB, SWF