1998, 12 Min., 35mm, colour, 1:1,85

Have you ever asked yourself how a good Hollywood movie opens? Playboys is a persiflage of a Hollywood movie.

About the film

Five actors and five directors are sitting together in a smoky Berlin pub after a film premier discussing the meaning of trash, high-art, pulp fiction and their own miserable lives. The camera continually circles the group – and it won’t rest before the film is over (a homage to Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs) Eventually the conversation turns to the problematic of chatting up women: where would be the most difficult place to get lucky?

One of the directors insists that he has the answer to the best way to open a movie Hollywood style: “Do you want to hear the story?” Well then, here we go…

Andrei Ujica, Matei Ujica, Rober Hunger-Bühler, Volker Koepp, Peter Lohmeyer u.a.
Assistant director:
Anka Schmid
Jörg Widmer
Chief Lighting technician:
ALi Gözkaya
Sound technician:
Heino Herrenbrück
Patricia Rommel
Foley artist:
Erik Mischijew
Production designer:
Gabriella Ausonio
Sound mixer:
Martin Steyer
Andreas Bick
Albert Kitzler
Production manager:
Käte Ehrmann
Seal of Approval:
Besonders wertvoll
Wettbewerb der Berlinale 1998