Semana Santa

Thriller, 2001, 100 Min, 35mm

About the film

Police officer Maria Delgado arrives in Seville during Holy Week. She is fleeing her past, her new colleagues don’t approve of her and now she is confronted with a very bizarre double murder. Just as she teams up with her partners, the shy Torillo and the somewhat macho Quemade, a third, brutal murder is discovered – it is beginning to look like the work of a serial killer.

The case offers no clues – until an old man relates a gruesome story that took place during the Spanish Civil War in place called ‘La Soledad’. Slowly but surely the whole horrendous story comes to light.

The investigation team enters into a cat-and-mouse game with a sick but brilliant killer whilst simultaneously unearthing a past that someone is very desperate to conceal. As they close in on the truth their own lives become endangered. One thing is certain: a lot more blood is bound to flow during Holy Week.

Cast and Crew

Mira Sorvino, Oliver Martinez, Feodor Atkin, Alida Valli, Peter Berling, Fermin Reixach, Luis Tosar u. a.


Pepe Danquart
Roy Michell nach einem Roman von David Hewson
Ciro Cappellari
Andrea Guerra
Peter Adam
Costume Designer:
Esther Walz
Production design:
William Abello
Sound artist:
Ronald Bailey
Christoph Meyer-Weil, Phillippe Guez, Paul Berrow
Leo Pescarollo, Antonio Saura, Tivi Magnusson
Buena Vista France/Spain
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