To the Limit

Documentary, D/ A 2005-07

The film introduces climbing as a metaphor for life by questioning the meaning of existence and our lifelong search for answers. To the Limit is not just a film for climbers; it is a film for everyone exploring their boundaries – wherever they may lie.

To the Limit is the last part of my sports trilogy, following on from Hell on Wheels and Home Game.

About the film

Two brothers. One goal. Only 180 minutes to reach it. Ahead of them: a smooth granite wall stretching a thousand metres high – and a record-breaking challenge. Behind them: years of experience and the fear of death. Many believe the brothers are mad - but they are wrong.

Today Huberbuam is a household name: Alexander and Thomas Huber are among the world’s best extreme alpine climbers of our time. To the Limit follows the two brothers down to the Yosemite Valley in California and all the way to the ‘End of the World’ to the most challenging rock face known to man: the Cerro Torre mountain of Patagonia. Our cameras accompany the brothers to altitudes never before caught on film as we document their attempt to break the speed climbing record set by Hans Florine and Yuji Hirayama, who in 2002 scaled ‘The Nose’ (a 1000m granite rock face of the “El Capitan’ mountain in Yosemite National Park) in 2h 48min.

To the Limit captures truly breathtaking and ultimately thrilling images that border on the impossible – both physically and mentally. It’s an adventure story of two brothers who grew up in the mountains where they continuously challenged all boundaries. Alexander and Thomas Huber are drawn to extremes, driven by an insatiable desire to overcome any obstacles or fears and always ready to take on the challenges this poses. Two brothers in search of their own limits.

Cast & Crew

Thomas und Alexander Huber, Dean Potter, Chongo
Pepe Danquart
Wolfgang Thaler
Camera extreme:
Martin Hanslmayer, Franz Hinterbrandner, Max Reichel
Mona Bräuer
Christoph Israel, Dorian Cheah
Direct sound:
Joe Knauer
Sound design:
Matz Müller, Erik Midschijew
Max Rammler
Production manager:
Pepo Wirthensohn, Ronald Vietz
Mirjam Quinte, Kirsten Hager, Erich Lackner
Production company:
Quintefilm Freiburg
Co-production companies:
Hager Moss Film, München, Lotus Film, Wien
Filmfernsehfonds Bayern (FFF), Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA), Österreichisches Filminstitut (ÖFI)
Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bettina Reitze), Österreichischer Rundfunk