Whores Glory

Documentary, 120 min, A/ D 2009-11

This is the third part of a film trilogy exploring the concept of work within a globalised economy (after Megacities and Working Man’s Death). As co-producers of Lotus Film (Vienna) Mirjam Quinte and myself collaborated once more with Michael Glawogger and project-managed this final part of the trilogy. Whores’ Glory delves into a world of prostitution, visiting places never before captured on film.

About the film

Glawoggers documentary triptych premiered in September 2011 and promptly picked up the Orizzonti Award in Venice.* The story of prostitution - as encountered on a filmic journey from Mexico to Thailand, on to Bangladesh, then Naples and finally to Vienna - focuses on the lives of the women we met along the way; their passions, their longings, their hopes, their needs and the brutalities they suffer. The film proceeds on the assumption that women working in prostitution have a far greater understanding of male-female partnerships than most, for they experience the many facets of a relationship with their own bodies, their minds and their souls. These women evoke desires, reject passions, fulfil fantasies and soothe fears. For this they receive money, but only very few have grown rich in anything other than experience and stories.

Cast and Crew

Michael Glawogger
Artistic collaboration:
Pepe Danquart
Erich Lackner, Pepo Wirthensohn
Mirjam Quinte, Pepe Danquart
Wolfgang Thaler
Paul Oberle
Österreichisches Filminstitut, Filmfonds Wien, FFA, MFG Badenwürttemberg, ZDF/arte, Eurimages, DFFF
Venice Film Festival 2011
Orrizonti Special Jury Award