Raw Material

Film adaptation of a Novel
Cinema, ca. 100 min, in Preparation

Rohstoff, Roman

ROHSTOFF (RAW MATERIAL) is the autobiography of Jörg Fauser, the cult author of the Beatnik Generation. Jörg Fauser was an observer of his life and his time: junkie in Istanbul, 1968 communard in Berlin, then squatter in Frankfurt. Finally night watchman and a regular guest in a corner pub in Frankfurt. The autobiographical testimony, at the center of which is Fauser's alter ego Harry Gelb, is a drastic description of his life, a fast-paced contemporary document of the sixties and seventies - and the story of one who set out to become a writer.

Stefan Weigl after the cult novel by Jörg Fauser
Pepe Danquart
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